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11 Takeaways from the 2013 CareFWD Conference

carefwd logo cropped

How is healthcare changing? What effect will the Affordable Care Act have? What are some of the new trends to be aware of? These were some of the questions that were answered at the CareFWD Conference in Boston on October 1, 2013. The all-day event was full of presentations, speakers and talks. Here are 11 takeaways from the conference. 

5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Prevent Strokes

High Blood Pressure

The truth and scary thing about strokes is that they can happen to anyone. People young and old, of any race, and of any nationality or ethnicity can potentially suffer a stroke.

7 Questions to Ask Your Speech Language Pathologist About Aphasia

Speech Language Pathology New York

Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are often involved in treating patients who have suffered strokes, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), and other neurological diseases. Their job is to help patients regain and/or compensate for any communicative abilities that they may have lost due to surgery or brain damage. The work these SLPs do is truly amazing, and everyday more and more people are able to communicate better thanks to them.

How To Tell Someone I Have Difficulty Communicating


Living with Aphasia is enough of a hassle when communicating with caregivers and loved ones, let alone when a conversation is sparked with someone who isn't aware of the struggles an individual with Aphasia is facing.

12 Inspiring Quotes from Vince Lombardi

vince lombardi 006272689

As we wait for the NFL season to begin we remember the most influential football coach of all: Vince Lombardi (it's tough for us at Verbal Applications to say being New England Patriots fans... Sorry Bill). To this day he is not only remembered for his victories, his championships and his coaching style, but he is often quoted by people everywhere. Below we have compiled 12 quotes from the legendary coach that we believe can serve as inspiration to all those people living with communicative disabilities and those caring for them. 

5 Tips for Caregivers to Cope with Frustration and Stress

just walk away 001

Through the relatively short amount of time that we have worked on Verbal we have had the honor to meet some great individuals. We have gotten to know some inspiring people who have told us their stories about life after their stroke; we have met Speech Language Pathologists who love doing what they do because in their eyes the greatest thing is to be able to help people communicate again; and we have met the superhero caregivers that take care of these patients. 

In His Own Words: A Stroke Patient's Road to Recovery

Can't turn off the TV.

A gentleman who suffered a stroke several years ago volunteered to share his inspiring story in his own words.

Our Clinical Trial at Massachusetts General Hospital

Verbal V1

After we graduated, Nick, Greg, and I went off to our new jobs but we spent our nights and weekends cranking on Verbal (formerly iMedix). It was crazy (not to mention exhausting) but we tried our best to keep up with it.

5 Iconic Celebrities Who Have Suffered Strokes

General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower 1947

The real unconvenient truth about strokes, is that anybody can suffer from them. When I went to the Boston Aphasia Community Group I was shocked to see that even those in their early 20s had strokes and were recovering from them. In fact, strokes can occur at any age, to people of all races, of all sizes, of any ethnicity and of course of any gender. There are many celebrities that have suffered strokes, and many of those times we do not hear about them or do not rememeber. Here are six celebrities and famous people who have suffered a stroke. 

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